Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Is Pat Robertson Possessed or an Evil Anti-Christian?

Is Pat Robertson Possessed or an Evil Anti-Christian?

August 23rd, 2005 – Pat Smoke’m Robertson calls for Assassination of Hugo Chavez

Violating the axiom that “it’s ok to say behind closed doors, but don’t say it in public” category, Pat Robertson called for the US Government to assassinate Venezuela’s left leaning democratically elected President, Hugo Chavez, saying that I don't think any oil shipments will stop.”

Nice. Indeed, how very Oh-So-Righteous Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Taliban of you Pat! Yes, this is the same type of thinking that President George “God speaks through ME” Bush had when he and his Neo-Cons bullied, manipulated and lied the American public and Armed Forces into illegally invading Iraq. Didn’t they tell Pat that the Republican Evangelical “MO” requires that you come up with a story and compelling – if un-provable - reasons that the American public would buy off on before you can carry out or speak of such crazy tactics? Apparently not. Check it out – the Republican & Right Wing Christian spin machine is backing away from Pat – one of their very dear own true believers – at warp speed! http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/23/politics/23cnd-robertson.html

This brings to mind their old tag line: "What Would Jesus Do?" Well he certainly wouldn't put a murder hit out on an international leader whose policies he didn't agree with! And – the gravitas of all this is how revealing a sentiment this is for the Right Wing Evangelicals and their poster child, Pat Robertson. So then, if we are to take this man at his word, is he a Christian? Not by any rational, credible, traditional definition. What would Jesus do? Well, Jesus was a Liberal – and if his words to us are any indication, he’d probably have much more in common with Chavez and his people than Pat “Smoke’m!” Robertson.

Will Bush or the Right Wing Spin Machine denounce Pat and his statement? Not likely. But perhaps that is part of the problem: their definition of Christian has become warped, distorted and downright perverted. Let's get this right (no pun intended) - not only did the Pope call the invasion of Iraq illegal, immoral and un-Christian, but the on-going US Government sponsored torture, desecration of the Quoran and so on are 180 degrees from Jesus' direct commands.

I'll sum it up - read Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Read it again. Then TRY to reconcile those direct mandates with the actions of George Bush, his Republican Party, and the entire current administration.... YOU CAN'T!!!

Here's a good one for the Righties - "Who would Jesus Torture?" Anyone have an answer?

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