Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pat Robertson - Over the Radical Edge Again!

Republican Radical Right Rampage Led by Pat "Assassinate the Liberals" Robertson Attacks University Professors. !

Pat Robertson calls liberal professors “racists, murderers, sexual deviants and supporters of Al-Qaeda”

On the 700 Club on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 former Republican Presidential candidate Rev. Pat Robertson displayed characteristic anger and frustration at what right-wingers proclaim is another manifestation of liberalism in this country while reviewing (and hawking for sale on the CBN website) the new book by extremist David Horowitz titled, “The Professors: The 101 most dangerous academics in America.” Robertson waxed glowingly about the book which he says sheds light on the radical academics at American universities claiming, however, that it is just a “short list” of the “thirty to forty thousand” left wing professors who he calls “termites that have worked into the woodwork of our academic society and it’s APPALLING.”

Rev. Robertson launched an attack on “radical” liberal professors saying; “They are racists, murderers, sexual deviants and supporters of Al-Qaeda – and they could be teaching your kids!” Later in the program he told his viewers, “These guys are out and out communists, they are radicals, they are, you know, some of them killers, and they are propagandists of the first order…you don’t want your child to be brainwashed by these radicals, you just don’t want it to happen. Not only brainwashed but beat up, they beat these people up, cower them into submission. AGGGHHH!!!!’

[NOTE: The CBN website claims that “The 700 Club, has been viewed in more than 70 foreign languages, can be seen in more than 200 countries, and are accessible throughout the year by more than 1.5 billion people around the world.” The Virginian Pilot reports that “Pat Robertson’s television ministry continues to ride a wave of ever-mounting contributions, which have almost doubled in less than a decade” and that donors gave $160 million dollars to Robertson’s CBN network in 2005 - an increase of 21% over the previous year.]


At Saturday, September 23, 2006 12:54:00 AM, Uncle Vernon said...

It's always ironic how a lot of "Christian" conservatives resort to insane name-calling and damning someone to Hell whenever someone (usually a liberal) dares to disagree with them, whereas I've never heard a liberal christian damn a right-wing nut to Hell. Peoplie like Robertson seem to think they have the right to speak on behalf of God, when the truth is that no one can do that.


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