Thursday, March 23, 2006

Speed Debt Cancellation for the Poorest Countries

"Forgive our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors..." (Matthew 6:12)

The following post is from an plea by Faithful America to support the forgiveness of World Bank debt to impoverished countries. We support this measure and ask that you consider how you might help. is the Christian thing to do. Peace - Paul

Perhaps you have seen U2's Bono speak out calling for the World Bank to cancel the crushing debt of the world's poorest countries. Perhaps your faith community has spoken out in favor of debt cancellation. The issue is deep and complex and we hope you will follow our links to learn more. But for now, please consider that those persons living in the world's poorest nations - Haiti, Burundi, Sierra Leone, to name a few, are exisiting under conditions of misery you and I cannot even imagine.

Our friends at Jubilee USA have invited us to share an important opportunity to help bring about debt cancellation for the poorest nations on earth. TODAY you can help move that effort forward. Next week the World Bank is holding an important meeting and the issue of debt cancellation is on the agenda. In conversations with officials at the World Bank today we were told that debt cancellation is a U.S. and U.K. led issue, and one they want to see advanced. That's good news, but the current plan builds in delays for countries to become eligible for debt cancellation.

If you were sick, starving, homeless, and completely broke, would waiting two to four years of more of the same give you reason to hope? Of course not, and we as people of faith believe the World Bank can do better.

We need your help. Please send an urgent email to World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz and U.S. Executive Director to the World Bank Robert Holland and urge that these policies of delay be removed.

Finally, we urge you to learn more about this important issue and then engage those in your care to pray, study, and take action on behalf of those who rely on us for help. Visit our Briefing Room, or visit our friends at

With gratitude for the many ways you reach out to others, thank you for using FaithfulAmerica to put your faith into action.

Blessings to you as ever,

Vince Isner and your Team


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