Who Would Jesus Torture?
The Religion of George W. Bush

By: Christian Dewar  
July 17th, 2004
In the June 21st edition of Time Magazine, the cover story is entitled, "Faith, God and the Oval Office", in which
George W. Bush's religious beliefs are contrasted with those of John Kerry. In the same edition, there is an article
entitled, "Redefining Torture", in which the origins of the use of torture by our government are traced to the highest
levels of Bush's administration. Who would Jesus torture? Apparently, Time Magazine has no sense of irony.

Around 900 US troops have been killed in Iraq. Thousands more are casualties, many missing limbs. Around 12,000
innocent Iraqi civilians are dead. An unknown number of Iraqi conscripts and soldiers died. The "Coalition of the
Willing" has sustained death and casualties. Our "Shock and Awe" blitzkrieg has devastated the already damaged
infrastructure including plumbing and sewage, insuring that tens, if not hundreds of thousands, more civilians will die
of sickness and disease. Our use of the radioactive and toxic depleted uranium munitions will no doubt cause cancer
and birth defects among Iraqis and US vets for generations to come.

Meanwhile, the 9/11 Commission has declared that Saddam did not have WMD, he was not linked to Osama or
al-Qaeda, he was not behind the World Trade Center attacks and his decimated army posed no imminent threat to
the US. Oops!

If you kill one innocent human being it is murder. If you slaughter thousands, it is "regime change."

Accounts of Saddam's ability to attack us with WMD were lies. Shipments of Niger uranium to Iraq were lies. Claims
that aluminum tubes were for centrifuges were lies. Stories of drones that could attack the US with chemical and
biological weapons were lies. Assertions that Saddam had mobile trucks with WMD were lies. Who would Jesus lie to?

Bush better hope that there is no heaven, no hell and no judgment day.

Ron Reagan Jr. recently commented that while his father believed in God, he didn't wear his religion on his sleeve.
While he did not mention Bush by name, most observers assumed that he was talking about the man selected by
the Supreme Court to be our president. Bush often uses code words familiar to his critical evangelical base that fly
under the radar of mainstream, moderate Christians. Still, it does not seem to be too cynical to believe that Bush's
supposed religion is simply a ploy to gain votes from the rubes among fundamentalist Christians. Or if he is a
religious man, few genuine Christians would believe that his God was the one they pray to.

What would St. Peter have to say to George Bush once he stands before the Pearly Gates of heaven on judgment
day? Has he been a good Christian? Has he led a pious life according to the teachings of Jesus?

In the world of Roy Moore, it is more important for Christians to display their faith by placing a huge granite rock with
the Ten Commandments inscribed on it in a court room rather than to follow those tenets of Christianity. For the
Bush family, patriotism is displayed by appearing before huge American flags and wrapping themselves in
red-white-and-blue bunting even as they chip away at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Symbols trump
substance any day for these Christians and patriots.

According to childhood friends, Bush used to blow up frogs with firecrackers and shoot them with BB guns. As several
therapists have pointed out, this cruelty to animals is a trait he shares with many serial killers.

Bush was embroiled in a scandal at Yale when it was discovered that he branded pledges at his fraternity with
red-hot wires. A drunken George W. Bush once challenged his own father to a fight, "mano a mano."

Several therapists have commented about Bush's sadistic tendencies and his lack of empathy. A recent book, "Bush
on the Couch; Inside the Mind of the President," written by the respected Justin A. Frank M.D., is one of many
attempts to describe Bush's inherent cruelty. The book points out how comfortable Bush is being outside the law,
whether it is his two arrests at Yale, his DUI, his apparent AWOL status in the Texas National Guard, alleged insider
trading, possible perjury or his reported drug abuse.

Polls report that many of those in the Red States believe that Bush is "likable" and the candidate they would most
like to have a beer with. This about a man who mocks and ridicules those with whom he disagrees. A reporter who
asks a foreign politician a question in French was derided as being an "internationalist." A citizen who expressed his
displeasure with Bush's policies was told, "Who cares what you think?" He makes fun of bald journalists. He has
cruel nicknames for aides. He calls Karl Rove, "Turd Blossom."

During his father's presidential campaign. Dubya served as the "loyalty enforcer", the heavy who was brought in to
fire or chastise disloyal campaign aides. He once yelled drunken obscenities at reporter Al Hunt in front of his wife
and young child for an innocuous statement that he had written about his father. Unaware that his microphone was
on, he called a New York Times reporter an asshole. According to White House insiders, his conversations are laced
with profanity.

Dick Cheney recently told a respected senator who is critical of his war profiteering to go "fuck yourself." Bush failed
to admonish his vice president. Is this a Christian sentiment? Who would Jesus curse?

As governor of Texas, Bush presided over a record number of executions including the mentally ill and juveniles. He
mocked born-again Christian Karla Faye Tucker's plea for clemency, "Please don't kill me, Mr. Bush." Many of those
sentenced to die had incompetent attorneys, including one who slept through parts of the trial. Bush's legal counsel
omitted mitigating circumstances about many of the defendants. Bush reportedly only gave a cursory review of the
defendant's legal background.

During the debates with Al Gore, Bush smirked when he mentioned the pending execution of neo-nazis who dragged
a black man to his death, even as he spurned the dead man's family who begged the governor to back hate-crime
legislation. What part of "Thou Shall Not Kill" doesn't this man understand? What of "vengeance is mine, sayeth the
Lord"? What of "judge not, least ye be judged"? Are there loop holes and exceptions to the teachings of Christ or
the Bible, as there apparently are in US and international law when it comes to torturing detainees?

As a failed business man in the Texas oil business, Bush apparently unloaded around $850,000 in stock before it
crashed -- A far greater amount than what Martha Stewart realized in her insider trading scam. Bush was never
exonerated, although Bush Senior's cronies at the head of the SEC dropped the investigation. "Thou Shall Not

As governor, Bush steered much of the University of Texas's investments to his cronies. He may well have perjured
himself in a Texas funeral home scandal. The Texas Ranger's stadium was paid for by taxpayers, although Bush and
his cronies realized a huge profit at their expense. They even created a quasi-governmental agency to condemn the
soon-to-be valuable private property around the ball field in order to buy the land at fire-sale prices.

As president, his administration has awarded no-bid, cost-plus multi-billion dollar contracts to his campaign
contributors. His father has profited from his son's wars as a consultant to Carlyle. Dick Cheney's stock in Halliburton
increases in value as the company gouges US taxpayers with inflated invoices and phantom services.

The vice president is being investigated by the SEC. He may be indicted for a felony concerning bribes by Halliburton
to corrupt Nigerian officials. Bush's good friend and campaign contributor, "Kenny Boy" Lay has finally made to perp
walk. His company defrauded California and his employees lost their careers along with their life savings. The
"Golden Rule?" He who has the gold, rules.

Around $20 billion dollars from the sale of Iraqi oil has gone missing. Oil pumped from the Iraqi wells is unmetered.
Money allocated for Iraq by the US government is similarly unaccounted for with little oversight.

Are we sure that this war wasn't about oil as ten million protesters alleged before the bombing of Baghdad began?
What of the proverb that "it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a
needle?" Bush's tax cuts mostly benefit the richest one per cent of US citizens as the deficit soars to record heights
and social programs are gutted. This is compassionate conservative?

What mountain would Jesus strip mine? This administration is giving away America's resources to his wealthy
contributors as they despoil the land and strip the forests. The extraction industries dump toxins and pollutants into
our water. Mercury from coal mines renders seafood dangerous for pregnant women's unborn children. Death and
illnesses are directly linked to pollution. Under Governor Bush, Houston overtook Los Angeles as the country's most
polluted city.

This administration is the most vengeful in US history, as Richard Clark, Paul O'Neil and Joe Wilson, among many
others, have discovered. Turn the other cheek? If you do, this administration will punch you on the other side of your
head.   Cheney voted against sanctions against the apartheid regime of South Africa. He opposed efforts to free
Nelson Mandela. What race would Jesus hate?

Bush seems to also harbor racist tendencies. He recently refused to address the NAACP. He opposes affirmative
action. He reportedly collaborated with Lee Atwater on the racist Willie Horton ads. Rove's minions circulated rumors
that John McCain fathered an illegitimate black child. Jeb Bush disenfranchised thousands of black voters, most of
whom would have supported Al Gore. Asked by a black woman what he would do for blacks if he became governor of
Florida, Jeb Bush replied, "Probably nothing." Who would Jesus hate?

John Ashcroft, the attorney general whose department approved the use of torture, is affiliated with
neo-confederate, racist groups like the Southern Partisan and the Council of Conservative Citizens, the uptown Ku
Klux Klan.

Ashcroft is one of the NRA's strongest supporters. What about beating swords into plowshares? Who would Jesus
shoot? What heat would Christ pack?   Both Cheney and Bush fought to pass a constitutional amendment forbidding
gay marriages, even though Cheney's daughter is a lesbian. What group of citizens would Jesus hate?

Some of the more strident evangelicals believe that adulterers should be stoned and that gays should be executed.
They are in favor of the death penalty. As for those innocent death row inmates, they actually believe God will sort it
all out in the next world. It is doubtful that any of these "Christians" would even recognize Jesus if he returned to
earth, especially if he came back as a black, gay or an Iraqi.

America's Best Christian (with apologies to the devout Christian Betty Bowers), John Ashcroft, also presided over
many executions while in office in Missouri. Who would Jesus electrocute? It would appear that his illegal campaign
contributions amount to stealing.

His Justice Department says that torture stops just short of organ failure. What "stress positions" would Jesus
advocate? Would he "water board" detainees until they thought they were about to drown? Would he specifically
approve the use of dogs to intimidate prisoners as Rumsfeld did? Would he sexually humiliate them, leading them
naked on a leash? Would he force them to masturbate and simulate sexual acts with one another as he video taped
the proceedings? Ashcroft's god is not one most Christians would recognize from the Bible.

Bush has called our war in the Middle East a crusade. General Boykin, who believes God placed Bush in the White
House, not the Supreme Court, says this his God is the real God, not the one worshipped by Muslims. His God helped
him kill the infidels. Who would Jesus crusade against?

It certainly is remarkable that such an insipid, callow, little man like George W. Bush, who has slaughtered
thousands of innocent civilians as surely as if he pulled the trigger himself, can be described as deeply religious by
one of America's most mainstream magazines with no sense of irony. American lemmings are now so brain washed
that they believe this war criminal is a man of God. It would seem that the God he worships is really the Viking god
of war, Thor, with his thunder of ongoing, preemptive "Shock and Awe" extending as far as the eye can see into our

Heaven save us from these Christians.
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