Wasn't Jesus a Liberal?
By: Gary Vance
Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

Liberalism has been under assault for years now. The battering of this grand political philosophy has altered the
contemporary definition of liberal to the point that Conservatives use it as a profane word. They use it to paint a
political opponent as anti-God and anti-American. It has gotten to the point that moderate and liberal Christians are
afraid to be open about their political leanings. Sadly, it even affects their conscience and choices as they enter the
voting booth. This is particularly troubling to me as a Christian evangelical minister who loves America.
Liberalism as defined by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary: “a political philosophy based on belief in
progress, the essential goodness of man, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for tolerance and
freedom for the individual from arbitrary authority in all spheres of life…”

I am not sure why anyone would feel threatened by Liberalism as defined by the dictionary. They are apparently
unaware or simply refuse to acknowledge the long history of liberals who have labored for the betterment of society
and the furthering of God’s Kingdom.

The labor movement of the early twentieth century was aided significantly when major Christian denominations got
behind it. No average American would have a fair wage today if it weren’t for liberal Christians and labor activists.
Liberal Christians and civil rights activists fought and still fight against conservative America for racial equality. Child
labor laws were enacted because liberals fought for them. Medicare and Social Security exist today because of
Liberalism. “Bleeding heart liberals” have long advocated for the homeless, the hungry, the less fortunate, and the
disenfranchised. The women of America owe liberals a big thank you for their almost equal rights. “Tree hugging
liberals” fight for clean air and water standards instead of favoring industrial polluters and short term profiteering
that destroy God’s green earth.

Liberals believe in affordable health care for all U.S. citizens. They also believe in higher taxes for the rich and lower
taxes for the middle class and the poor. Liberals love their spouses and children. Liberals faithfully attend their
churches to worship God. Liberals love America and hate terrorism and have proved it by fighting in every war for
this country. Liberals come in all shapes, sizes, and color. They are found in the ranks of Protestants, Catholics,
Jews, agnostics, and atheists.

Conservative Republican policies generally favor the wealthy and ignore the needs of the poor. Their policies are
so often greed-driven, with no concern for the environmental or societal consequences for their exploitive actions.
Jesus plainly taught that the love of money is the root of all evil. So, Christians can go after the various “fruit” of sin
in our society, but they won’t see the real change for the better until the axe is laid to the root. Christians should
oppose greed-driven policies as a primary point of political concern.

I am sick of reading letters to the editor and editorials that paint Democrats and liberals as anti-God and anti-
American and that portray conservative Republicans as the only true Christian patriots. We know that many
Democrats are pro-choice and many support gay issues and this troubles most evangelicals. Democrats also
support causes that should be of Christian concern that go untouched by Republicans. I have listed some in the
above paragraphs. True prophetic vision sees that there is great need for repentance on the left and the right. The
effects of powerful lobbyists, special interest groups, greed and corruption abound on both sides of the aisles of
Congress. God sees it all and so should Christians. Christian voters need to see that God’s heart breaks over more
than just a few political and moral issues. It is time to take off our blinders and mourn for the sorry state of affairs
that is American politics.

Jesus was the ultimate liberal progressive revolutionary of all history. The conservative religious and social structure
that He defied hated and crucified Him. They examined His life and did not like what they saw. He aligned Himself
with the poor and the oppressed. He challenged the religious orthodoxy of His day. He advocated pacifism and
loving our enemies. He liberated women and minorities from oppression. He healed on the Sabbath and forgave
adulterers and prostitutes. He associated with drunks and other social outcasts. He rebuked the religious right of His
day because they embraced the letter of the law instead of the Spirit. He loved sinners and called them to Himself.
Jesus was the original Liberal. He was a progressive, and He was judged and hated for it. It was the self-righteous
religionists that He rebuked and He called them hypocrites.

The primary issues of Christian Liberalism were birthed when Jesus spoke the profoundly prophetic words found in
Matthew 25: 31-46. These scriptures reveal God’s heart for the poor, the sick and other neglected people through
out history. Christians should read this text and judge for themselves which of the two groups mentioned there more
accurately reflect the political parties of today. His Liberalism lives on today and the issues have not changed much.

I am glad that conservative Republican candidates advocate for the family and a few Christian issues, but we must
quit pretending that they are the only ones that Christians should consider voting for. People should not call
themselves pro-life if they are only anti-abortion and yet feel no twinge of conscience over the unfair application of
capital punishment or wars fought for dubious motives. A true pro-life position cares just as passionately for the
born as the un-born and views war as a last resort when all other options are exhausted.

Christians should look for candidates that will work for issues that are of importance to Christ and that can be
tackled legislatively. Sadly, most of those causes have historically been opposed, ignored, and minimized by
conservative Republican policy makers. They seem to dangle the moral issues carrot around election time. Then,
even with a Republican controlled White House and Congress, prove themselves powerless to do anything about
those issues when they convene to legislate. Issues such as eliminating poverty and homelessness in America, true
equal rights for all citizens, environmental protection, a fair minimum wage, affordable health care, and lowering our
infant mortality rate all go unattended. That’s just to name a few.

I have some questions for the Christian Right. Why have you not held our current elected majority officials
accountable for their failure to address the full spectrum of Christian issues? Why would you vote for them again?

It is time for Christians of conscience to stand up to religious and political hypocrisy. Christians should proudly
proclaim progressive values today and should advocate for the Christian Liberalism that is our heritage and our

Gary Vance (
Lezlo2025@wmconnect.com) lives in Loretto, Tennessee.
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