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Articles from 2006

3-22-06  A Time for Heresy  - Bill Moyers argues that American democracy is threatened by perversions of money,
power, and religion. Money has bought our elections right out from under us. Power has turned government "of, by,
and for the people" into the patron of privilege. And Christianity and Islam have been hijacked by fundamentalists who
have made religion the language of power, the excuse for violence, and the alibi for empire. This is an extensive and
clear examination of the hard truth of the fundamentalist Christian religious jihad.  
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3-20-06  Iraq: Three Years & Counting  - Writer Jessee Kornbluth discusses the lies and immorality of Bush and the
Iraq war and the lies that may take us into an a similar war with Iran.  
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3-17-06  Impeach Bush - The case for Impeaching and lawfully removing President George Bush, Vice-President
Dick Cheney and the entire corrupt, immoral and illegal administration is now compelling.  Read through the dozens
articles, links, websites, and learn about the documentation, proof and evidence showing hundreds of crimes, lies,
thefts, misrepresentations, and grossly anti-Christian actions by the person and administration of George Bush.
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3-10-06  Evil of War Brings Unending Pain - In the Chicago Sun Times, Andrew Greeley writes about the real
reasons for the War in Iraq and the "American Religion" of those who believe in any reason for the war given by the
Bush administration.  
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3-9-06  Who is the Enemy in the War on Christianity?  Jeff Weiss of the Dallas Morning News explores the
Religious Right's claim to status as Religious Victims in the War on Christianity.  
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3-8-06  New Religious Voices Counter Religious Right - Prominent progressive Bishop speaks out against the
Religious Right's use of hatred, fear and the Christian Right's support of torture.  
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3-3-06  Missouri Proposes Christianity as Official State Religion - Republican leaders in the Missouri Lies do not
seem to be covered by the Commandments if their conservative allies utter them. .   
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2-22-06  Truth and the Present Administration - “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. The Ten Commandments are
so frequently invoked by members of that Republican political coalition known as the “Religious Right.”  But, lies do not
seem to be covered by the Commandments if their conservative allies utter them.
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Come Back Soon - We have over 55 articles to be published in the next few weeks. . .
Articles from 2005

9-17-05  Koran Verse 9-11 Hoax  - There has been a "Koran 9:11" email hoax spreading across the web for the
past 3 years that says - in short - that the Koran, verse 9:11 predicts that the rise of Osama Bin Laden, the attack on
the USA on 9-11, and the American responses of attacking Afghanistan and Iraq.  This is a Hoax, a lie and is intended
to foster Christian & American fear, suspicion and hatred for the Koran and Muslims.  This hoax is an abomination.  
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7-27-05  A New Dark Age Begins - Noted scholar, Bishop John Shelby Spong, examines Christendom's continued
slide into Inquisition style arch-conservatism, noting both the rise to Pope of the "Vatican's pit-bull" conservative -
Cardinal Ratzinger - amongst the background of rising intolerance and fundamentalizm.  A superb, well written article.
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4-08-05  Unitarian Jihad! - What about the Radical Moderates?  How about a bit of fun, humor and self examination.  
Wonder how Monty Python would approach the Republican Fear Machine and our Progressive Paralysis? Then
check this wonderful little piece.  Forward the link to your friends.  Relax.  Enjoy.
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2-15-05  Pharisee Nation - Blessed are the Peacemakers?  Not according to many Americans - who are embracing
a Culture of War, yet calling themselves devout followers of Christ.  Have we become like the Pharisees?  Do we side
with and idolize the ultra rich, the ultra elite, pro-war radical right wing "Christian" conservatives.  What do you think?  
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Articles from 2004

11-15-04  I'll Ask Them, Jesus  Here is an  excerpt from this great article: "Jesus has some serious questions for us
all about morality and the apparent contractions of using 'religion' to advance a sordid agenda of hate and
arrogance...If a certain 'segment' of our populous thinks it has the upper hand with morals they must 'walk the walk'
Jesus is liberal: forgiving, loving and steadfast.... For the Republican Party to claim itself a party of Jesus-like values
soils the historic reputation of a man like Jesus as well as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Buddha and Mohammed.  
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10-25-04   No Longer A Christian.  Writer Karen Cobb rejects right wing ideology, abandons Christian label and
seeks rather to live Christ's message.  An excellent and insightful article - full of passionate, well reasoned ideas and
arguments.  This is piece is an absolute *must* read.  Three cheers & five stars!  
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10-19-04  Wasn't Jesus A Liberal?  Christian evangelical minister's compelling essay on Jesus' liberal teachings.  
Saying "It is time for Christians of conscience to stand up to religious and political hypocrisy. Christians should
proudly proclaim progressive values today and should advocate for the Christian Liberalism that is our heritage and
our legacy", Gary Vance's article makes a compassionate and compelling argument supporting a progressive,
compassionate and liberal view of Jesus' teachings and how they must impact our world today.  
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the full Article!

8-30-04   God Is Not a Republican.  Or a Democrat.   Christian leaders refute Religious Right's claim that Bush is
God's candidate.  Rev. Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners magazine, explained: "When poverty has risen each of the
past three years - that's a religious issue. The war in Iraq - that's a religious issue. Taking care of the environment -
that's a religious issue." Rev. Wallis added, "This behavior by the Religious Right -- ordaining George W. Bush as
'God's candidate' - is theologically outrageous. How did the faith of Jesus come to be known as pro-rich and pro-war?
They've tried to hijack our faith - it's time to take it back."  Also says God is not a Democrat!
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full Article!

8-3-04  A Liberal Idea.  Rev. Jesse Jackson rejects oxymoron "Conservative Christians" & supports liberal vision of
Jesus and liberal Christians.  Think about it: A conservative Christian is a contradiction in terms. Christ wasn't a
conservative. He fed the hungry simply because they were hungry. He didn't require that they go to work first. He
healed the sick, simply because they were sick. He ignore them because they had no insurance, or let the drug
companies gouge them on prices. Jesus is a liberal; Herod was the conservative.  
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7-17-04  Who Would Jesus Torture?  President George Bush came to office on a "Christian" platform - and yet,
we now know that he has sanctioned and blessed ghastly torture, physical abuse, and the willing & knowing violation
of the Geneva Conventions, international Human Rights laws and agreements and more.  We now know about the
rampant and Presidentially sanctioned torture at both the US Military prison at Gantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Bagdad
prison of Abu Gharib and the a virtual Gulag of US military prisons in Eastern Europe. How does this square with the
teachings of Jesus Christ.  
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3-15-04  Bush and Religion: Anti Christian, Polarizing and Ugly.  Dr. Gerry Lower writes about how the Bush
administration has coerced virtually every branch of western Christendom in America back into the fold of Old
Testament fundamentalism, the entirety of which is pre-Christian in origin, largely anti-Christian in content and
historically anti-Christian in practice. Bush's polarization has driven American Christendom into two
diametrically-opposed camps.  
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Articles from 2003

9-01-03  The Liberal Label  The author examines the continued marginalization of the term "liberal" by Right Wing
conservatives, resulting in a label that many shun, but whose central core beliefs a majority of Americans support.  .
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